English Theatre Company

English Theatre Company és una companyia de teatre formada per actors nadius, amb obres de teatre dissenyades per als diferents nivells dels alumnes.





Chris is a boy who has a problem with time. he never has enough. He is always late, always trying to do too many things. He can never finish anything on time. There are not enough hours in the days for him.
One day, the clock strikes thirteen times  and everything is changed, everything is slightly different. The world and time stands still. There is only now. There is no future and no consequences or penalties. At first Chris loves the freedom of being able to do whatever he wants but, when he meets some other characters trapped there, he realises that he has to escape and return home.

For beginners and lower level students
Suitable for Primary school learners
Time-Out: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years


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Rewind is a comedy about Pat, an ordinary, likeable schoolboy who thinks he has got problems: at home, at school, with his friends etc… Things just don’t seem to work out right for him. They don’t go how he would like them to and Pat thinks the main problem is himself. He wishes he could change things, that he could be different, that he could go back in time and do things differently.
One day he comes across a strange character who gives him a remote control. ‘Big deal!’ Pat says, until he discovers that with this remote control he can rewind time; stop it, pause it, play it again. But, can Pat change his life and be more like the person he would like to be?.
For lower level students
Suitable for older Primary and younger Secondary school learners
Rewind: 10 11 12 13 14 years
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Not One of Us

poster_not_one_of_usNot One of Us is a comic play about a not so funny situation – intolerance towards others. Jack is a new boy at school and he is odd. There’s no getting away from it. He is unusual, not like the other kids. He thinks differently, has a different cultural base. His clothes are far from fashionable and his values don’t really fit in.
Not One of Us looks at Jack’s first week at school and how two different cultures (Jack’s and everybody else’s) clash and how they try to work things out.

For intermediate and higher intermediate students
Suitable for Secondary and High school learners
Not One of Us:  13 14 15 16 17 18 years


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poster_checkmateCheckmate is a surreal spoof somewhere between a satire of an Agatha Christie detective story and an exaggerated send up of a TV soap.

Checkmate is both a conventional comedy play and an interactive piece of theatre which is full of humour, and parodies the classic murder in the country mansion by hand unknown in a modern, surreal way while still remaining a fond pastiche of that type of theatre.
Imagine the board game, Cluedo, written as a soap opera for day time television and you approach the world of Checkmate.

For higher intermediate and advanced students
Suitable for High school and Adult learners
Checkmate: 15 16 17 18 years


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